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Organizer for the largest Art of Living Course outside India
- Bay Area, California, USA
Organizer for the largest Art of Living Course outside India
- Bay Area, California, USA
Organizer for the largest Art of Living Course outside India
- Bay Area, California, USA
Organized 101 people course in a place with no active Satsang or Course for almost a year
- Boise, Idaho, USA
James Webb Space Telescope Systems Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
- Greenbelt, Maryland, USA
Course Instructor, Art of Living Foundation
- Washington DC, USA
-Los Angeles, California, USA
- Bay Area, California, USA
Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Arizona State University
-Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Art of Living Instructor & Analyst for Mellon Financial
-Washington, USA


Bob Mackinnon says...

Guruji's Grace, Anandji's Enthusiasm Wakes up Bay Area A journey back into time ......

Nov 2006 - Volunteer Meeting in Bay Area with International Teacher, Anand Rajendran - a stopover on Anandji's way to the East Coast - an evening which brought together Teachers, TTC1s and volunteers from across the San Francisco Bay Area for a SUPER-CHARGED, BLAST OF ENERGY & Enthusiasm. The end result of the meeting was an intention - 'to have a One Thousand Eight people Part I Course in Bay Area'. The Big Boss himself gave His Blessings for the course. The stage was set and now the play had to be scripted & executed.

In the past few years with the growth in San Francisco Bay Area Art of Living Chapter, we have seen efforts getting scattered, volunteer drop out, very small courses & a mind-block for big courses. Yet somehow Anandji's volunteer meeting brought together everyone under one umbrella to work for the course. Of course, there was resistance to the big number. The concern was genuine - how are we going to pull-it-off bringing so many people together and most important of all, how is the course going to happen - will the participants get the attention they need, will they continue on the path after the course?? As the mind struggled to comprehend the 1008 number, out of the blue the DSN in Los Angeles with Anandji was announced. Nearly 70 of us including most of the teachers, TTC1 and strong volunteers drove & flew to Los Angeles to do the DSN. That did it!!

We got back with TREMENDOUS MOMENTUM. Our Sankalpa - Come Jan 19th - Course is going be HOUSEFULL. When we left for DSN on Dec 28 2006, there were less than 50 registrations for the course. Within hours of coming back from DSN, around 200 volunteers joined hands. In groups of ten, we met twice every week for sadhana & knowledge. Volunteer meetings were packed with enthusiasm - fun processes, music & dancing. We had just one momentum and one pointed focus - eat, breathe, sleep - one thousand eight people course. Every night group leaders came on a conference call & shared 10-15 minutes their amazing stories of grace. We organized intro-talks across the Bay Area from Corporate giants to Devotee homes to Rotary clubs to Women's associations to Apartment club rooms. Every Teacher, TTC-1 and Volunteer was busy giving talks almost every other day. Registrations began picking up at the speed of light. Even a day before the course we had intro-talks scheduled. Our efforts continued till registration on 6th Feb 2007. And Guess what, on the day of the course, we had walk-in registrations of 70. That in itself is a historic moment!! Feb 6th 2007 - 7:00 PM when doors closed there were more than 700 people registered for the course.

FLASHBACK : The average participant per course before this course was around 7, And here we moved from 7 to 700 with 100 times the growth in almost 5 weeks. How one man's vision inspired the whole of the UNITED STATES amazes me!! And guess what!! The room was packed. We realized that we were not limited by numbers but by the space in the hall. And thus began the most awaited course of the year with Anandji assisted by 30 Local Teachers, 50 TTC1 and 25 strong volunteers, around 525 new participants and 70 repeaters.

The enthusiasm & energy I witnessed in that hall over the next 6 days was unlike anything I have seen. The very memory of it makes me want to scream - JHAKAAS!! Anandji voice echoed across the hall to reflect the voice of every single participant. When Sudarshan Kriya began and Gurujis voice reverberated 'SOHUM' in the hall, GRACE permeated every ounce of space - tears, laughter, smiles, and joy washed away years of misery & pain from everyone's lives.

Every day of the course added momentum to the next day. The sound of 'Jai Gurudev' echoed across the hall. Smiles grew wider & wider!! The guest night on the 6th day was attended by the Mayor of Milpitas and City Council member of Santa Clara (the host city). Anandji opened the podium for experience sharing and there walked participant after participant sharing from their heart. Tears were flowing as participants spoke about overcoming loneliness, depression & anxiety, finding a family they never had, finding joy & happiness. Everyone sat mesmerized in the experience including the guests. It was a perfect ODE to the course!!

The after effects of the course continue as participants meet in groups for the next three weeks for follow-up. Many have already registered for the upcoming DSN and many are awaiting the visit of Gurudev in JULY. Anandji created a momentum which brought the entire Bay Area together like never before. With Gurudev's grace and our new found strength & enthusiasm we will build on it. There will always be obstacles on the path but nothing will dither us from our goal - taking Gurudev's message to every single person in United States. We plan to have only 100 people courses in the Bay Area, continue to give intro-talks, sharing our experiences with everyone in the community and rocking the Bay Area. Our Big Bang will wakeup and shakeup the United States of America!!

Michael Scalf says...

Dear All,

Anand ji said "Uncalculated Risk makes one grow in LEAPS & BOUNDS". When we think, plan, and try to execute....there is a sense of boredom that sets in. When we work within the realm of limited mind, the BIG vision cannot be accomplished. For the BIG vision to accomplished, the limitedness has to *break*. Then we move with Trust, Faith...that Master takes care of every step ! All avenues open up. The path becomes beautiful ! There is newness...there is freshness...there is creativity....every moment.

After DSN with Anand ji in Los Angeles, about 80 of us took Sankalpa to organize the MEGA Course ! We set the dates as February 6 - 11, 2007. We didnot know how it will happen, but we took the UNCALCULATED LEAP OF FAITH !!! This time we changed the dimension in which we organize the course. Instead of organizing the course.....we carried in our heart "We are organizing people's lives. We are making a difference in someone's life". This thought, turned into longing, and then into PRAYER !

We would get some names of people during Kriya / Meditation... We would call them, and they were the ones READY to receive knowledge. They just enrolled ! It was just AMAZING the Sheer Grace that was involved in this course. There were people waiting for 4 years, 6 years....and one person Dharmendar who waited for 20 years to do Art of Living course....who FINALLY registered for this course.

And on the first day of the course....."6th February 2007".....what a sight to behold !! 1400 hands (700 pairs)...going up & down in unison....doing Bhastrika. Just the whole environment was charged ! It was ELECTRIFYING !!

Anand ji's Basic Course also seems like an Advance Course :-) He makes everyone drop their concepts, and just participate in sessions like children. He conveyes every point with so much enthusiasm and intensity. There is so much happiness & laughter in his presence !

Heard that Guruji is also rejoicing Bay Area's accomplishment ! He was heard saying "Bay Area is ROCKING & ROLLING !" :-)) We know that all praises go to the Divine.... But if Divine HIMSELF is praising....then we just have to Surrender & Rejoice :-)

Love, Peace and Joy
Have dimensions Infinite
To think and understand
Is a job so futile
To let go off the control
To dissolve and merge
Is to experience the Divine
.....And to live that Divine.....
Is the Love that's unconditional
Is the Peace that's unfathomable
Is the Joy that's Inexpressible !!

There was one participant who shared yesterday after Sudharshan Kriya "I feel immense LOVE towards everyone. I feel that we all are ONE organism". That sharing speaks what each of 80 of us (Teacher, TTC1, Volunteer) experienced in organizing & participating in the course !!!!

Love and Jai Guru Dev!

Robert Wang says...

Dear Ones,

Guruji says that we answer only after we are asked! Evidently, there have been several of you who have asked how we, in the Bay area were able to get about 700 people on a course in a matter of 5 weeks. If this is not your question please delete mail!

Love and Jai Gurudev!

Here we go: When Anand Rajendran met us volunteers in late November, he threw out the idea of having a huge basic course. Out popped the number 1008 (from the volunteers). Of course about 80 of them went for the DSN in December with him and got the required "skills" to get on with the task.

Unlike all prior Guruji visits etc., this was the first event without ANY feverishness on the part of the volunteers. Each volunteer's awareness of the mind was so high, that the moment they felt the feverishness creep in, they would do some meditation or chanting and take a break!!

Joan Goodrum, our dear teacher from the Bay, long ago told me, during an advance course- We become an organic whole, during the Part 2 course". Those words were certainly true to what happened with all 200 volunteers- we were united in one goal and one path- no distractions, no "other". During the course of those 5 weeks in Jan and early Feb, when the small mind would manifest, the big mind of the larger group would gently remind the small mind to chill!

Now the logistics: The original plan was for the 200 strong volunteers to reach out to 5 people each and get the 1008. The final tally of 560 new people and 140 repeaters makes it clear that an average of 2-3 new people were recruited per volunteer. The 700 people were divided into 62 groups- mostly with 10 people in each, some had 20 owing to lack of a teacher. It is important to add here, that we have over 30 teachers and 50 TTC1s in the bay area. All those who committed to being in the course became a "mentor" for a group of 10 or 20 as the case may be. For the mostt part, people were organized based on their city and they got to connect with a teacher or ttc 1 from that area, starting from day 1.

Each night after the course ended, Anand ji would connect with all the volunteers and ask us what needed to be done next. "What should be the outcome of this course?", he would keep asking. Thus was born the idea of solid follow-up- 3 kriyas and 3 knowledge/follow-ups with the small group after the course in 3 consecutive weeks. And, generate the next set of courses in March for each region with a minimum of 200 people in each!!

In the interim, the silver jubilee celebrations in DC have crept in as has the DSN with Anad ji in March, here, in the Bay area. We are yet to know the numbers of people taking the course next month- but this experience of teaching the big course has brought greater solidarity amongst teachers- it is no longer- my region or yours!! It is simply- let us get out the word of Art of Living to each and every one who is living in the world! And let us get together and teach together. United we stand in the one world family.

We have moved from Somebody to nobody to everybody!!

Love and light,
Robert Wang

Rachael Hamberg says...

Big Surprises in a Small Package. Art of Living has taken Boise Idaho by storm..

Feb 4th . Zero Course Participants, no confirmed teacher, 4 local volunteers, no active Satsang (last part 1course: April 2006)

18 days later..

Feb 22nd . 101 Course Participants, teacher none other than Jakkaaaaaaaaaaaas Anandji!!!!


For us this was nothing short of a miracle and we are clear that it only happened through Guruji's grace. We followed Anandji.s principal of: legwork, legwork, legwork..prayer, prayer, prayer..

In between our desperate pleas to Guruji, we had non stop INTRODUCTORY TALKS and on the job training through conf calls with the Bay Area, New Jersey & Kansas City. Throughout, Anandji inspired us to achieve what we did not even think was imaginable.

In the midst of our mega course, and the atmosphere is charged with laughter, lightness, belongingness and many people have reported healing experiences. The common consensus amongst participants is that Anandji is an unbelievably inspiring motivational speaker who has them completely captivated and engaged!

Jai Guru Dev
Idaho Art of Living Team

William Hayden says...

I want to say a few words about the incredible DSN course with Anandji in Washington DC. I must admit having approached this course with some trepidation as I had just recently recovered from sleep deprivation and overwork from having a baby in the house and balancing responsibilities. But I trusted my friends, and of course dear Guruji, that this would be a course to overcome my limitations and energize my enthusiasm, so I signed up with the blessings of my wife, Anne.

Well, all I can say is my expectations were such understatements! As always, I did not know what I did not know. I was worried about an illusion.The programs, the processes, the homework all shattered or dissolved what I perceived were my limitations. And of course there was Anandji. His delivery of the knowledge was so energetic and absolutely confident that I felt like a lion just being close to him. In his words, "its better to be a weak lion than a strong chicken! Got it?!" He guided us or pushed us to go deep, do things I thought would be painful or too tough, or that I did not know was even in the realm of reality. I did it and was amazed! Not only amazed, but incredible bliss bubbled up as I felt the freedom of realizing that my limits were of my own doing, imposed on my nervous system from years of programming. This course also injected the spirit of enthusiasm and commitment to our upcoming Silver Jubilee celebration here in Washington DC. For me, Guruji's call at the very end saying that this was "the beginning of a stress free, violence free America" was the bow that tied up the course into a powerful and timely course. So don't pass up an opportunity to do yourself -- and the world -- this favor!

The week afterward was as important as the course itself. I have always struggled getting people to sign up for Part 1 Courses, for which I had one starting later that week. The doership and my reserved approach -- read unenthusiastic -- to offering the course just wasn't working. I dropped my feeling that I was the doer, and that I was the failure if the course was too small. In Anandji's words, "Come what may, just give it 100%!" and it will happen. I just dropped my old attitude and took on this new attitude, and unbelievably 3 people signed up for the course before the end of the DSN! Great! More people showed up before the course started, and I did not feel like a failure when a couple I was working on for weeks to take the course decided not to take it.

I facilitate a guided meditation at NASA for our Art of Living Club there, which I did the day after the course. Remembering the strong chicken mantra, I boldly went in and gave the most enthusiastic intro talk I have ever done (shortest, too!). I gave it 100%. Chris Smythe-Macaulay -- my partner in the club -- said I was on fire! It felt really good. I could tell it really made people think about their lives. Though nobody actually signed up, rather than feeling guilty, I felt energized. However, I must admit it backfired a little. One woman who I was convincing to take the Part 1 course over again, said, "No way. I want the course that you just took!" I also went on a week long business trip for NASA. Again remembering the strong chicken thing, I was bold around those who are often intimidating, I was focused when we had a problem, and I felt -- and expressed -- a lot of joy and happiness. And do you know what? Peopled were attracted to that positive energy. It was fun to observe.

I keep reminding myself that I have a gift to share: this course and Guruji's knowledge. Got it? I do.

With all my gratitude to Anandji and Guruji.

Niyati says...

When I first heard about Anandji's record breaking reputation, I decided to sign up for the DC DSN course. Anandji has been teaching for the same amount of time as myself (since 2002), he has impacted 200 000 people, I have impacted about 200 people. I was wondering what has set us so far apart? I came to the course with the intention of learning some "tricks of the trade". In my professional life, I would never have passed up an opportunity to update my skills and remain current. I could find no reason for not being on the DSN, when the privilege of "serving" my Guru means so much to me. Having this supremely perfect Guru has often left me with the sense that I can't possibly do justice to representing Him. To be successful and powerful as a teacher and the ability to inspire volunteers, seem so contingent upon the extent to which the knowledge is integrated in our life and experienced practically. DSN with Anandji felt like a huge present from Guruji in answer to my prayers and intentions about this. Taking the first step of planting my body on the course has left me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and the feeling that Guruji not only took ten steps towards me but that He came sprinting in my direction. From beginning to end, Anandji had us all completely captivated, engaged and entertained! There was never a dull moment. All the course points and human values that we speak about, are oozing out of him to a contagious extent and before you know it, you are bubbling with enthusiasm, friendliness, love and completely aware and in the moment. Despite being so productive, Anandji had so much time for everyone and he connected to each person in such a personal and genuine way. Watching him in action was thoroughly inspiring and educational. Experiencing the opposite values of fun, laughter and lightness on the one hand and deep and profound Sadhana on the other was the order of the day. I found myself self reflecting and growing in leaps and bounds in a very secure and loving environment. Irrespective of the space everyone arrived in, we left feeling light, free and ready to take on the world and any challenge it throws at us. Post DSN, I am still on a complete high and so much more aware of habits and patterns that were not serving me well. I can't bear to think that I am not effective in something I care so deeply about. In this respect, I can already feel a marked difference in how I am operating! I feel that our most sweet and compassionate Guru not only gives us opportunities to "serve" Him, he also throws opportunities our way to do it to the best. Either we grab these opportunities or watch them pass us by.

Jai Guru Dev
Art of Living teacher

Justin Poulos says...

When coal is compressed the diamond comes
When sugarcane is crushed sweet juice comes
When an atom is blasted enormous energy comes
When an Ego is DSNed with Anand ji, Divine comes!!!

Time has come for America, to take Art of Living movement to the next level. And attending this DSN is the ONLY Way. It is similar to Krishna telling Arjuna, "I am the ONLY way!"

Mind is the manufacturer of negativities, worries, doubts! To observe this mind, and realize that the creator of this mind... can give the tools to remove them as well is my realization in DSN with Anand ji.

In this DSN with Anand ji in Los Angeles, between December 28-31, 2006...there were 220+ people who gave BEST New Year gift to themselves. I was one of the Lucky 80+ Bay Area people who participated in this DSN.

I overcame my limitations of capabilities, limitations in expression, limitation in skills to handle stressful situations.

DSN's new definition is Dont Say NO!
YES mind all the solutions hidden.

I realized when a challenge comes (name it: Family, Career, Education, Volunteering, Sadhna etc.,)...when I decide "Yes!!" the means to achieve will follow as well!

Love is about Expression!
Love is never boring, even if expressed N number of times!

Being in LOVE, is what I learnt in DSN.

We got to talk to Guruji just as we made entry into 2007. His message for all of us was:

And ALL of us said:
JHAKAAS! Thy will be done!!

love and Jai Guru Dev!

Jim Neito says...

Dear all, I was fortunate enough to be one of two from bay area to do DSN with Anand-ji in WashingtonDC. Many from bayarea experienced the awesome/intense 3-hour volunteer training with Anand-ji - and we took sankalpa for 1000 person course. Imagine what 3.5 days with Anand-ji can help us with overcoming our own barriers, seva, etc.My summary of this course is this (hope this does not offend anyone...) :

"There are schools and there is Stanford, MIT, IIT..
There are gurus and there is our Sri Sri.
There are relaxation courses and there is our Part-I.
There are ArtofLiving courses and there is DSN.
And there are ArtofLiving teachers & there is Anand-ji."

The course felt like going through a big wash - inside/out. If I loose my smile, my awareness comes right back to regain it. When I left DC, I felt a fire inside me "rushing me to return here saying that's so much to do..." This course has taken my participation in life to next level. Right after course, a teacher, senior volunteer and me emailed Guruji a plan for worldwide project.

Please do whatever it takes for you as teachers, volunteers to do DSN with Anand-ji asap - either in LosAngeles or Chicago, even to repeat course with him. He is lot of fire, enthusiasm, fun - perfect for DSN teacher personality. Course has changed recently. I did DSN 2 years ago and felt course was very different now
Here is what Guruji had to say about this course, link

Jai Gurudev
Jim Neito

Andrea Powell says...

I would like to mention to you about the DSN Course conducted by Anand Rajendran ji in Washington DC. After having done the DSN on six previous occasions, I was curious how this would be different. And it was different! Very very different!

The energy and intensity on the course was simply amazing. This course was such a blast of energy that it is hard to put into words. But amidst the electrifying energy, there was transformation on a scale unparalleled. Lucky were the ones to experience this.

The processes were refreshing, unique, new and inspiring. Only word to describe them is 'Jhakaas'. Looking back it is amazing the magnitude of transformation amongst the participants. The Sankalpas that each group took for their own cities was stupendous. The DSN Course was truly breaking barriers in the mind as regards what is possible. All the groups were taking Sankalpas of organizing 200 people courses in their cities. The enthusiasm and YES mind in action were sheerly amazing.

Transformation and expansion was achieved through humour, joy and celebration. Making Life a Celebration took on meaning in the unbelievable Rock Satsangs and the Laughter filled sessions on the Course. The energy was like reliving the Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

Gurudev says that the human body produces enough electricity to light up the entire New York for six months! One of the unique processes on the course gives a glimpse of that true potential. Just a glimpse makes the journey worth it, over and over again.

This DSN Course has a lot to offer to everyone . Teachers, volunteers, the young at heart and anyone who wants to make a difference to his own life and others around. Teachers can watch their Satsang energy, enthusiasm and capacity expand manifold in front of their eyes.

Gurudev calling on the phone from India and reiterating many things that were mentioned on the Course, was an indication how we were the source all along. And His complete attention on the DSN Course a further indication on how this will be the vehicle for change in the different cities of the US.

Kishore says...

November was a historic month in USA for Art of Living. We witnessed the largest DSN course ever in the world in Washington DC. Usually India sets the records but times are changing. This was my 5th DSN and it was better than all 4 other previous ones combined. The course has changed so much. I was amazed of how much the structure has changed. All the old stigmas that we had about DSN have gone now. The old DSN is no more. Now people want to become DSN teachers after completing this course forget about Part 1. To have the ability to make someone a teacher is simply amazing. I have never seen a gathering of so many people wanting to become instruments for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

If you attempt to describe Anand Rajendran Ji, you will be left speechless. It's no wonder that every DSN participant wants to become a teacher for Guruji. This was a course of about 260 people comprised of teachers and future teachers and no one else. He feeds off people's lethargy. Simply astounding.

The knowledge, the humor, the presence of Anandji is so infectious that even angels were dancing with us. you have to see the pictures to believe it. He has taken this continent by storm and no one who comes in his contact will be the same. From the very first few words uttered by Anand Ji to the last, we were all mesmerized. How simple the knowledge yet how profound it was. Those who didn't take this DSN have another opportunity coming up. Don't miss out as your life will never be the same.

Single-handedly, Anand Rajendran Ji has done what no other teacher has been able to do. Part 1 courses are larger than ever in USA, people's lives have been transformed and will never be the same again. The bond among volunteers has become unbreakable. We have entered into a new chapter in Art of Living history.

Take every opportunity to take the DSN with Anand Ji. The speed of your own growth on this path will leave you speechless.

Jai Gurudev,